Writing, Editing and Proofreading

Martin will take on writing commissions and can help with editing and proofreading.


Published and praised as a writer, Martin's words have appeared in print in short stories, in blogs and in news articles. Martin is the go-to lyricist for his enclave of the immersion composition society, with albums from all over the world featuring his lyrics. He can turn his hand not only to the written, but also the spoken word - speeches for celebrations, weddings, presentations or even rallies can be commissioned.

Martin says, "I've always written. When others find it daunting or are stuck for words, mine flow easily. I enjoy the creative part and am particularly pleased to have found a niche amongst more talented musicians than I, as a valued lyricist and - dare I say - librettist. As a student I took every opportunity to suupplement my science degree with courses from the University of East Anglia's acclaimed creative writing programme. It was there that I was first published.

Since then, I have kept writing in a variety of media. I'm pleased to say that all my output, for all my clients, has been praised and valued.

If you need an article, a work of fiction, web content, a speech or even a song lyric - perhaps I can help?"

Editing and Proofreading

University essay? Job application? Best man's speech? Sometime you need an outside perspective to check what you've written.

Does it make sense? Is it clear? Is my spelling and punctuation letting me down? These questions can make you doubt your work and what you've written.

Martin is an experienced writer and teacher. He offers a editing and proofreading service to help polish up and perfect your work.

No matter how hard you've worked, and how well you've understood your subject, sometimes you need a second opinion. Ask for that reassurance. Ask for Martin to proofread, edit and check your work.

writing editing and proofreading