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Martin can teach Music Tech and Music Production using his years of experience.  He has been recording and producing his own and other peoples music since he was a student.  He has learnt "on the job" using a variety of equipment and, of course, more recently using virtual equipment using PCs.  He has been training to teach the Rockschool Music Production which is the worlds first music production syllabus.  Find out more.

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Grades 1 to 5 of the Rockschool curriculum

Martin says, "The music scene is full of musicians, like me, who have grown up from 4-track tape recorders, maybe passing through stand-alone hard drive recorders or ADAT 8 tracks before arriving where we are now in computer based DAW-land. In my formative musician years, I quickly discovered that the studio was my instrument and that was where my chops lay. I learnt practically and read around the subject. I wish I'd had the opportunity to be taught music production and recording. 

I'm offering tutoring in Music Technology and Music Production. The renowned awarding body Rockschool, who have a contemporary vision of what music learning ought to be like, offer grades 1 to 8 in Music Production. I will be following this curriculum with students. It is a really diverse programme of study covering music theory, music production theory, listening skills, and a great deal of technical skills.

I think I might have 2 audiences for this: kids who want to learn from first principles and adult musicians who want to do home recording but have gaps in their expertise. Either way, I'll help you to learn."