Matlock Music Recording Studio & Music Production.

Martin is an experienced sound engineer and producer as well as composer. He can record you and your band at our house or in your studio/rehearsal space. Martin has years of experience of music recording and music production. Producing his own music and that of others.  He can record individuals or small bands at his home or can bring his equipment to your rehearsal space.  

Compact studio

Martin says,"I bask in the glory of my small recording studio in my home. The ignorant might call it a spare room but they're wrong. It might be small, but it has hosted full 5-piece bands. I've got a collection of analogue and digital gear for composing and recording. Sometimes it seems like I collect other people's cast-offs, but at least I can lay my hands on a range of kit.

matlock music studio music recording music production

5 piece band comfortably fit into Plan-C's studio.

You could book a session there, its particularly useful if you want to collaborate and co-write and make use of the studio's own instruments. 

Today's music is as much about production as it about musicianship, so if your style is more contemporary then a studio session might be for you.

Mobile studio

Before I enjoyed a settled base, the Plan-C recording rig was designed to be packed up in a few flight cases and a long, long bag of microphone stands. It still can. So, if you've a favourite and, crucially,  spacious rehearsal room, I can rock up and record you in-situ. A lot of bands like that as it is a familiar and comfortable space for them. And the drummer knows where he is coming to. 

After the session I'll take away the tracks and mix them. That's included in the session price. Nice bonus.


Over the years I've given my skills to a range of projects - from live mixing at gigs to radio broadcasting to full album sessions. I've learned to be pretty versatile.

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