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Plan-C Studio's Martin Lockett is an experienced primary teacher with a love for music and music technology, comedy and writing.  After 8 years as a primary school teacher, Martin now has the opportunity to share his loves with other people through music tech teaching, tutoring and writing. 

Music Tech Tuition

Plan-C studio can offer music technology tuition for children and adults taught using the Rock School syllabus and exam scheme. Martin will use his over 20 years of experience recording himself and others to teach everyone from beginners to those with some experience of using recording equipment.

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Primary Maths & English tuition

Martin has over 8 years of teaching experience across the early years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. This means he is perfectly placed to help your child with their Maths and English and other primary subjects. Plan-c studio can offer tuition at our home in Matlock.


Martin is a accomplished writer. Having taken the well respected Creative Writing course whilst attending the University of East Anglia he is happy to provide short stories or articles for any occasion.

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Web Design

Plan-C studio can design and manage simple websites using the wordpress content management system. We have over 5 years of experience managing websites and optimising sites on google. Pay for upfront design and manage your day to day changes yourself or call us to manage your updates.